Over the past 33 years, United Scales has been a country leader. From manufacturing & maintaining some of the first small electronic weighing machines to large weighbridges and systems.


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.

Core Values

Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. These are the core values that define the UNISCO culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


For 33 years, our ideas, technology, and people have created monumental impact: real turning points that have transformed lives, industries, and society as a whole.


We work systematically to provide prompt and efficient service to keep your equipment operative, and helps minimize the downtime and helps enhance your company's productivity.


We have over 30+ products that have been approved by W&M Central (), which means we have one of the strongest portfolios in the industry. Our team of researchers is constantly improving our machines via customer feedback, suggestions, and new technology.

Network Society

Real-time connectivity – from connected weighing machines to smartphones to smart grid technology – is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate, and produce.

Machine Intelligence

Enable creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Explore, innovate and develop Machine Intelligence-based applications and infrastructures.